ESG Integration

PCCP is committed to integrating ESG best practices
with the goal of helping attain portfolio performance and
developing an empowered workforce.

Our mission is to deliver industry-leading returns by investing in, financing, and managing resilient real estate and to drive economic performance with thoughtful and economically feasible sustainability practices.

Our vision is to invest in and create healthy, inclusive, and resilient built environments.


Striving to enhance asset performance through responsible resource management

Our guiding principle is to incorporate economically-feasible sustainability practices that reduce our use of carbon and other resources while building resilient portfolios that drive economic performance

Demonstrate commitment to sustainability by pursuing green building certifications

Implement intelligent landscape design to reduce maintenance costs and promote habitat

Leverage sophisticated data analytics tools to improve energy efficiency

Install efficient equipment to conserve water and reduce operational expenses

Promote recycling and composting efforts


Developing an empowered workforce

We strive to create healthy work environments for our employees, partners, and tenants and to provide our team with tools, training, and opportunities to advance their careers, achieve success, and be impactful community members

Professional Development

Offer managerial and leadership training and provide access to ESG and sustainability courses

Employee Wellbeing

Support employees with ongoing mental, physical, and financial wellness programs


Encourage cross-office mentorship programs to build a cohesive, engaged, and knowledgeable workforce


Seeking to generate strong financial returns with integrity

With transparency, ethics, and integrity at the core of our corporate identity, PCCP strives to embed ESG factors into our investment strategy and decision-making processes to support our drive for strong financial returns

Robust Risk Management

lies at the heart of our investment approach

Strategic Industry Partnerships

help strengthen our ESG program and stakeholder engagement

Clear Focus on Resilience

enables us to acquire assets that we believe have strong potential for capital preservation and low risk of carbon stranding